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NC State NCBI Team

NC State’s National Coalition Building Institute team educated students and employees about discrimination, harassment, prejudice and diversity.


After 22 years, the NC State chapter of the National Coalition Building Institute is coming to a close.

During that time, 142 staff, faculty and students volunteered their time to facilitate more than 550 workshops for more than 14,700 participants.

Many people have been impacted by participating in NCBI workshops or serving on the facilitation team over the years. Here are just a few quotes from past participants and facilitators:

  • “NCBI has changed the culture in my workspace and personal life.”

  • “The workshop made me aware of the importance of conversation, personal stories, and relationship building.”

  • “NCBI provided a framework and language to use in our personal interactions.”

  • “NCBI created a diverse network of individuals committed to fostering relationships and valuing diverse perspectives, people, and principles of equity, inclusion, and belonging!”

  • “Being an NCBI co-facilitator and team member made me a better person than I would have guessed I could be. It gave me an opportunity for long term relationships that I greatly treasure.”

Please see other training opportunities provided by the Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity as well as the many other campus diversity and inclusion events taking place.


The National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) states that “…an effective diversity training program must teach conflict resolution skills; effective listening; how to manage dialogue across group lines; and a rationale for creating a welcoming workplace that becomes everyone’s responsibility.”

Whether you participate in a one-day NCBI workshop or semester-long class, cultural competence skills are a must for today’s global workplace. Will you be the example you need to be when the moment arises? The NC State NCBI team also teaches the USC 240 undergraduate course, which is based on NCBI principles.

Current Workshops

Our Team

Dedicated faculty, staff and students who commit to making a difference in our community comprise the NC State NCBI team. This group of volunteers facilitates workshops and works to achieve team goals.

NC State’s team of NCBI facilitators is trained to deploy a community response model in times of crisis. The team also teaches the Finding Common Ground: From Conflict to Coalition Building workshop, which examines controversial issues through a positive process and helps participants work toward common solutions.